Problem with my Wacom tablet

I was recently using my Wacom tablet. It’s a Intuos CTL-480.

The problem is the cursor keeps clicking and bugging. My driver version is 6.3.41-1. It says the driver is already updated. I’ve been using it for awhile now.

I’ve tried fixing the problem by downloading a more recent version of the driver (version 6.4.0-11), the more recent one. It didn’t help. It said the driver does not offer support to the current tablet I’m using.

I also tried desinstalling the more recent version (version 6.4.0-11) and reinstalling the older version (6.3.41-1). It didn’t work, the cursor keeps bugging and clicking.

Can someone help me fix this?

Looks like Wacom CTL-480 was released back in 2014. In my previous experience with Wacom products, they have a limited support lifespan that is much shorter than it ought to be. I wouldn’t be surprised to discover that this tablet isn’t supported at all by the latest drivers.

The cursor issue could just be failing hardware. A google search is full of results from folks with similar issues with CTL-480 model, among others.

Is there a way to fix it?

If it’s a hardware issue, probably not. The easiest way to test would be another CTL-480 tablet and another pen - try them individually on the same system, and with each other’s complementary parts:

orig.Tablet + origPen + currentSystem(PC or Mac, etc) = known issue

Testing hardware:
2nd.Tablet + 2ndPen + currentSystem = ?
2nd.Tablet + origPen + currentSystem = ?
orig.Tablet + 2ndPen + currentSystem = ?

May need to test these hardware configurations with different driver versions as well.

Also worth mentioning - Wacom tablets all work via EMR (electro magnetic resonance) between the tablet and the pen’s internals. If there’s a new magnetic emission source near the tablet that wasn’t there before this issue started to occur it could cause weird issues. Might be worth isolating the system and the tablet from all potential sources of magnetic interference to see if that helps.