Product shots. Should I supply proofs?

I offer photography as a side hustle. When I take photos of products, I don’t send work in progress proofs to the client. I just pick the best ones, retouch, edit, clear cut and send the client the final images.

I recently shot a bunch of products. The client didn’t like the angle I shot them at so I had to re-do the lot.

It would have saved me a lot of work if I had proofed the unedited photos to the client first. However, I dislike how unedited photos look which is why I don’t often show them to clients unless asked.

On the other hand, clients might be impressed the difference between before and after.

I know many of you pay for product shots, as a client, would prefer to see unedited proofs just to check it’s on the right track?

I’ve done a bit of this - not much but the reactions I got were interesting. The clients were not at all interested in half-ready photos, they wanted to see the finished thing. If they needed to be redone, it was more work for me and a morning wasted, but OK. They were happy that I could get them what they wanted and seemed to value the opportunity for input.

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