Professional business card and business stationery

Hello,how to create professional business card and business stationery

Hire a professional designer.

  1. Don’t use Word, Powerpoint or Publisher to create anything. You need InDesign or Quark Xpress, or some other professional layout software.

  2. Choice of Typeface is important to give an identity to the business, but do not be tempted to use more than 2 different typefaces on stationery.

  3. Choice of colour also gives identity to the business, but again stick to no more than 2-3 colours. Use colour for emphasis and to separate elements of the design.

  4. You will need to create a logo of some kind, preferably using a pencil and paper to sketch out ideas before doing the artwork in Illustrator or similar. Stationery without a logo can look unprofessional. It can be very simple. Then make a white out version to go on a dark background and a black/greyscale version for NCR billheads etc. If the logo doesn’t work in just white or greys you need to change it so it does. Beware drop shadows in a logo.

  5. As you start to create the layouts, make sure you leave enough margin - small margins are a dead giveaway. If you have anything which goes up to the edge, it must bleed off (google ‘Bleed’ for an explanation).

  6. Remember that email addresses can vary in length depending on the person’s name, so allow for new (longer) names on future business cards.

  7. When finalising your design, try as many variations a you can think of but show the client a maximum of 2-3 to choose from.

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