Program for sending proofs

I’m looking for software for Mac & Windows that will help an art dept. keep track of proofs that are sent, approved and when they time-out. Currently we use Google Sheets but that doesn’t help us catch time-outs and I would like a program/work around that automatically let’s us know that something has been unresponded too for x amount of time.

This would be part of a work flow job tracking solution, not a stand alone thing.
Plenty of job tracking softwares out there. The problem is implementing one and getting everyone to follow protocol. Using one requires fairly strict discipline with penalties for straying.

Short of that, a simple calendar program with a notification system would work. It would require actually entering the job name and logging the expiration date/time though. I’m sure there are network solutions for that sort of thing too. But getting humans to actually take the time to enter the data? Good luck with that.

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