Programs similar to Corel Paintshop Pro but for Chrome

I recently switched to using a smaller Chromebook x360 (which does not run on a Windows or iOS) & it uses the Chrome OS. Well, i have gotten so used to using Corel PSP that i feel like i just cannot find a suitable program. I’ve had people suggest Gimp and it didn’t work very well. Most programs are bought or free in Google Play. I don’t just want to edit photos for social media, I’m used to making website elements, creating logos, labels for products, etc
If anyone has a recommendation for a program like paint shop pro, i would love to hear it. Thanks!! :heart_eyes:

Here’s 1 that I didn’t see on the list.

You really shouldn’t be making bitmap logos. Professional logos are usually vector. From the list above, here’s a vector editor.

Hi! Try this one

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