Proof Reading is Important

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LOL … whoopsie :smiley:

Yikes. That reminds me of a story here. It isn’t as humorous, though.

A few years ago we received a job from the local area Republican party supporting Romney. It was a huge job. I’m talking one where we hire several additional people to work overnight to finish. The graphic designer they had working for them sent me the files, I glanced at it and threw it in the production stack to be started next.

I got home and logged on the Houston Reddit and the top post was a familiar design. It was a bumper sticker made earlier in the week from a different printing company using the same layout. The reason it was posted was because Republican was spelled “Repulbican”.

I made an emergency phone call to the production people and asked them to check for me and it was misspelled on our jobs too.

It would have been their error, but I would have hated to be that graphic designer if it wasn’t noticed until the next morning.

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So that’s why I felt so different after that night of partying in KC. :flushed:

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As HotButton stated, That’s actually NOT a typo. It’s truly how you are welcomed in KC.

Sigh. While it was funny, it also apparnetly was 'shopped and the sign is “fake”

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You know, now that I look at it, I see the “graphic” is on the outside of the window.
That’s not commonly done due to inevitable vandalism. Shoulda seen it right off…
It was funny though.

The sign is real, but the spelling was “photoshopped.” It is actually on a bus stop so technically there is no inside of the window. :slight_smile:


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I’ll give KC one thing. That’s a really really clean bus shelter, no yuck on the “glass,” a really clean install on the signage and not tagged (at least not in this pic…)

Good catch Skribe :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure this one is real - it’s rightly famous now:


Even though that image is fake, the scenario is all too real!

I’ve experienced some horrific spelling errors on some of my own projects before. Some that were on large brands and featured in year long campaign material. Only to find out by end user reddit threads poking fun at it… and to think of the amount corporate eyes that looked everything over for approval and it was still missed!

Oh my !!

Whatever it is, this is nicely done with Photoshop. I thought this one is real but another post in this section made it clear.

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