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Our company is submitting a proposal for an annual report and we are wanting to produce an interactive PDF. What are some suggestions for the best applications for this? On a separate note, we are also looking to submit as a presentation. What are some opinions of Prezi verses Powerpoint? Or, are there other presentation applications that are preferred? thank you!

I’ve created a fe interactive PDFs in the past, but that was 6-8+ years ago probably. The reason why I and eventually my company “gave it up” is that the full range of interactivity is essentially only supported by the desktop Adobe Acrobat reader. You have very limited control over whether the end user will be viewing on desktop, on mobile, in a web browser, in a completely different app, etc.

Craig makes a very salient point there. “Interactive PDF” is essentially an obsolete concept for anything but on-screen forms designed to emulate paper forms. And even for that purpose, it’s only reliable if the viewing/interaction platform is controlled, as within an organization, for instance, as opposed to something that will be flung out toward the world-at-large.

Presentation, interactive, whatever; my advice would be to author in an application that outputs HTML5.

Here’s a good article about why interactive PDF is only useful in very controlled environments:

I recommend using HTML5 for interactivity and/or froms.
Progressive Web Apps are the most modern format for that.

Thank you everyone for your comments. Sounds like HTML5 is the way to go. I have been looking online for Web Apps and it is a bit overwhelming. Do any of you have some suggestions? Something that can be presented online and offline? I came across Focusky which looks good. My company is wanting to look at Prezi. Personally, I do not like the dizzying effect it seems to give off and apparently it not user friendly. Any thoughts?

Thanks, I’m gonna use your advice

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