Proposal Pitch : What is strategy win proposal?

Hello there,
I am senior Illustrator who have so many illustrations portfolio those are work for some company. Because this pandemic i have lost some companies to work together or collaboration.

In here I wanna ask you to senior graphic designer and illustratotr about " how to create the proposal pitch for this pandemic situation ? "
then other question :

  1. What should i say about this proposal ?
  2. Can you give me a sample, i mean the structure of writing proposal pitch ?
  3. If i pay by hours what should i do to persuade them if i work everyday for them ? ( maybe any app to see my work / day )
  4. What is the strategy ? ( I must give a sample of illustration or just writing idea in proposal ? )

Thank you,

I hope you have kind heart to help me or someone who need this knowledge about make proposal.

I’d have thought you’d be better off finding the people you would like to work for and also publications, etc that your style suits and target them specifically. Find out who the Art Director is and write to them personally.

I assume your work has dried up because of the pandemic? Were you working full time for one company? That’s a fairly rare thing these days for illustrators. Illustrators are usually freelance and work for a variety of publications and companies.

If you could show us some examples of the kind of work you have done in the past, perhaps some of us will be able to point you in the right direction.

Hello Sprout,

Thank you for your reply. Yap, I have to try to find the right person or companies that can work together with me in the future. But I just find a better way to create a proposal pitch to get a job with my portfolio I have.

Before the pandemic, until now I am still working to be a freelance Illustrator and until now rare person or company has asked me to create an illustration or graphic design for right now. So I think the proposal pitch is the realistic thing to survive.

For my portfolio maybe you can visit my Instagram:

thank you : )

@biskidone, you have some nice illustration work. Good job. It would be rather time consuming to address all of your questions on how to write a proposal. Instead, I’ll simply point you to this article from the AIGA on proposals. Hope it helps.

Seems to me there’s a difference between a proposal that’s a contract and a proposal that’s a pitch.

I’m not sure which the OP has in mind here. It sounds like it could be more a qualifications sales pitch rather than a pitch for an actual project. IOW a Resume.

You have some really nice work!

If I were you, I wouldn’t be charging by the hour but by the project. You could offer your dream client X number of illustrations over X number months for a price of $X.

Make sure you include info on copyright, number of revisions, royalties and right to reproduce.


Okay, I see, now I have hope LOL.

But, do you have a better way to show my portfolio to dream clients? I mean can I show my portfolio design that includes bio, CV, and my sample works to them?

yap okay but honestly I never doing royalty payment and about copyright things. Can you help me with this? Because when we do royalty we can not fully trust them / brand who produce our design if they are honest about the selling product that uses my design. The if I use royalty payment, can I ask them to send a Deposit first?

Wow thank you steve O, awesome i will read that right now

One difficulty is to really catch your prospective customer’s attention.

I am not sure if Instagram is the best place to host your portfolio in order to reach your prospects. Unless you are using the same hashtags as they are (and the matching graphics to go with it), I am not sure how they would stumble across your account. Behance might be a better platform for you I think.

But also go beyond digital. There’s this nice anecdote here by someone on this board, I think it was @Just-B, in which he designed a couple of mousepads, that he then sent to key contacts of prospective customers - and then got job offers before the 1st dozen was sent out. I’m sure those job offers weren’t about the nice looking mousepads, but rather about the thought and initiative. So ask yourself, what’s the best bait for the fish you want to catch?

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