Protecting & Monetizing Digital Graphics with NFT

As a very busy graphic designer and owner of a commercial printing company, I’m intrigued by NFT’s. Is it possible to use this blockchain technology to protect my designs even if they’re as boring and mundane as business card layouts, rack cards, postcards and the like? Is there a marketplace where these types of digital works can be bought and sold?

Has anyone else thought about this?

There are graphic design template sites all over the internet. So obviously there is a marketplace.

No one wants your mundane layouts via NFT. My SOP on typical design work is, if I can’t copyright it, it can’t be NFT, which is being used for one-of-a-kind things. Besides, if you are designing stuff particular to some other entity’s branding campaign, it isn’t necessarily your content to start with and layout shells are impossible to copyright.

NFT might be useful in stock imagery. But, at this moment in time, is the effort worth the return? High Art that commands a High Price, maybe, but not a $30 photo asset.

No, I haven’t thought about it beyond that, and my initial take on it was pretty much one of disdain. Trendy tech tends to go the way of all trendy things. Eventually. Or not. 18 years ago I thought flatbed print machines were silly too and look where that is these days.

My understanding is that NFTs simply allow for a person to be the “owner” of a digital asset, but it doesn’t stop others from copying, viewing or owning an identical digital copy.

So, I’m not sure if an NFT approach would help. That and NFTs (and bitcoin in general) have a huge ecological impact due to the energy costs for tracking sales, bids and authentications.

What. It’s the same “energy costs” as an electric car, and that’s green, right?

It didn’t say anything about being the same energy as an electric car. It states that a single edition NFT uses about as much power consumption as an average home in the EU does for 1 month. Quite a bit different than an electric car. Factor in tracking sales and bids and that jumps to as much power consumption as an average home in the EU does for 2,000 years.

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