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Please could someone help with my drop letter problem? I’m long retired but still using our old Quark 6 for a family project of 20,000 words and 10 chapters. When I call a drop letter at start of a chapter it works for some chapters but for others in the same document the drop appears based on the first line instead of on the third line as specified in the format box. To be clear the letter stands above the first line of text. Any ideas?

We began in 1989 with Quark 2, clearly we still have something to learn!

Its been a while for me but I remember having similar issues. Do you have ‘Span to Grid’ on?

No, I didn’t have snap to grid but tried it on and off anyway. Also tried snap on/off to guides. Neither makes any difference :frowning:

Can you maybe post a screenshot? Can’t really envision it.

In “Formats” you can specify the height and length of a drop cap, so how many lines (default 3) and how many letters (default 1). Is that the same everywhere?


Have discovered that this fault happens only on my current project (a book). No problem when I make up individual chapters, drop letter works fine, but when I copy-and-paste the chapter into the main document the drop letter is malformed.

Sounds like you have a possible paragraph “style” mismatch.
Style in quotes because I haven’t used Quark in a while, but this happens all the time in InDesign. A copy paste from one doc to another messing up styles can happen.

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Problem solved! Thank you PrintDriver, the styles were to blame. I exported the whole manuscript (90,000 words) as text, created a new project in Quark with the required page size and specs, set the Normal master style sheet to DejaVu font and sizes, then pasted in the 90,000 words of text. Worked like a charm!
We retired 16 years ago so our Quark is pretty rusty; even so I never encountered this problem in many years since we started in Quark 2.something. Many thanks again!


Glad it worked out!

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