Query Related to HTML and HTML5?

What is more beneficial for a beginner to learn both HTML and HTML5 or just HTML5 is enough?

I don’t think learning HTML would be completely unbeneficial, but maybe it’s true that learning only HTML5 can cover all the concept of HTML?

Please share your opinions.

HTML has evolved over the years from being quite simple to being more complicated. HTML5 is just the latest name given to that long evolution. In todays jargon, HTML is largely synonymous with saying HTML5. There really is no such thing as learning generic HTML, and there’s no point in focusing on previous versions of HTML since some of the code has been deprecated, as in no longer part of the official W3C standards. That said, there are certain capabilities built into HTML5 that are arguably more immediately important and useful than others, so start with the basics and gradually learn more.

And for what it’s worth, you can’t really learn HTML5 without also learning CSS3 — they’re different things, but they go hand-in-hand, and you can’t really use one without the other.


I totally agree with @Just-B. Most of the time people use the term HTML5 just to indicate they are using newer html5-tags that have symantic meanings. Or they use media/animation additions, like ‘canvas’ or ‘video’ or ‘svg’, although svg was there long before html5 btw. Other than that most people still just talk about HTML and CSS. Also the 5 is just a number. The version 5 is just or almost fully implemented in / supporte by all mayor browsers and they are already working 2 versions or so ahead. The same for CSS.

I would also count Javascript to the basics for beginners these days, just because you simply cannot build a modern website without it really. I’d say start with learning HTML and CSS at the same time and quickly after that just learn at least the bare basics of Javascript to be able to do something dynamic instead of just having static pages.

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