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  1. How Much time a have to invest for a logo design when i am contesting on freelancer. com??2. When I am publish a logo to the contest what to do that time???

Really up to yourself. I would rather spend the time finding clients that pay, than wasting time on a con-test.

Spend an hour. Spend a day. Spend a week.
Whatever you feel is worth wasting your time.


I agree with smurf2, except I will be a little more emphatic. Contest and crowdsourcing sites are the scourge of the industry. You should avoid them at all costs if you ever wish to have a career as a serious designer. They are nothing more than a race to the bottom.

Good design needs good clients. Crowdsource sites are populated by clients who are prepared to spend £50 on a logo in an attempt to seriously ‘brand’ their business. These logos are sourced from ‘designers’ who, in the main, don’t have the knowledge or experience to understand why this will never work. What does that tell you about the seriousness of the business?

I cannot say whether or not you are in this category of designer, but if not and you do have some burgeoning talent, please, use it properly. Get an education, then some experience in a serious studio. That way you will equip yourself to be a designer.

I know those sort of sites seem seductive and cool and allow you to call yourself a logo designer. Right now you are not.

Logo design isn’t even a design discipline. It is an integral part of the much larger, far more complex area of brand design.

You would be far better off spending your time posting your work here and getting honest critiques from pros who have been doing this for a long time.

But be prepared though, there are a few of us here who will be brutally honest. Never gratuitously mean, but honest. It may be hard to take sometimes, but most of us know what we are talking about. You won’t make $50 now, but it will help and give you guidance on how to work towards building a sustainable, long-term career – or at very least help you determine whether you even have an aptitude or talent.

Apologies for the long reply, but it always pains me to see people your age starting out on what is evidently the wrong path, heading in the opposite direction to where they should be headed, just because that path is level and easy. The path you should always take is the steep, rocky one. It’s the only one that will get you to the top of the mountain. Only from there will you get a clear view of where you should be headed.


A good logo takes time, research, client meetings, revisions, sketching.
If someone is sitting down for an hour to give my business a logo I’d reject them.

It’s not about making something flashy, creative, or look nice. There are business goals to meet and a return on investment. That being said, Spout’s comment on the race to the bottom and crowdsourcing sites are my feelings as well. Avoid it.

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Logo design is a highly significant job. A logo represents a business, a company, and the whole theme of trade. I won’t say that it should be prepared within 2-3 hours only. Rather, there should be deep research on the type of business, the specifications from the client’s side, and the relevant color combination etc.
So, keep all the aspects of a business in view while designing a logo.
And the contests that you have mentioned, instead you should search for well-paying clients.

All the best

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Thanks @Billyjeanplxiv for you nice advice. I always make logo by sketching then illustrate.
i always try to give client genuine thing.but in the contest i feel i did the worst logo i ever. Client give me 2 or 3 star. Then i am stuck and think what to do then???
and i felt lose hope.i stop. then another day i start new contest.
and so on and so on…
but now i felt i am wasting my time. Is that right /?? i am wasting my time on contest???
beside contest what i can do as a graphic designer ???

I work for freelancer .com and guaranteed clients. One logo per 7 day. I think first day. I collect elements and mindmapping things. Then I illustrate. then Color it and then Revise it.
at the day 3 i publish the design.
but in the contest guys and clients are so fast. they choose and make so quickly better than me.
then i felt lose hope.

Thanks @sprout.
Your Replay is very helpful to me.

Thanks @Naheed
In Sha Allah. I will try my best.

The problem is you shouldn’t be doing contests or spec work at all. Its a race to the bottom for the worst price possible. Ignore the contests and 1-3 star ratings. Whats a rating even mean? How much they like the logo? A logo needs to be functional as in a business owner may not like it but it works for customers/clients.

Post your logos in the Critique section to receive feedback. Let honest designers give you the feedback you deserve not crowdsourcing sites.

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but now i felt i am wasting my time. Is that right /??


i am wasting my time on contest???


beside contest what i can do as a graphic designer ???

Graphic design has existed for centuries before contest sites came along. Most graphic designers today make their living independent of contest sites. What can you do as a graphic designer? You can get a job at an ad agency. You can get a job at a larger design studio. Some printers have graphic designers on staff. Or you can freelance and go it on your own by doing direct client work rather than going through crowd sourcing / contest sites.

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