Question about the Age

What do you think about the age?
I am 27 now i want to launch my carrier in current year as junior graphic designer/intership
Its worthy mention that i enrolled myself into university BA.
But…am i too old?
What do recruiters think about people who did not go to college after high school and did it now?

There’s a definite age bias in this field, but it doesn’t really kick in until, perhaps, people’s 40s. From that standpoint, 27 is still young. Where you might have problems is playing catchup. You’ll be competing for beginning jobs (and beginners’ wages) with those a few years younger. If you’re OK with this, I don’t see a big problem.

On the positive side, you’re old enough to have gained some life experience, which is to your advantage when competing against recent graduates who have never really entered the full-time job market up until that point.

As for recruiters, recent graduates aren’t typically recruited. Instead, it’s a matter of them searching and finding jobs. Keep in mind that there’s a huge oversupply of recent design graduates. The field is oversaturated, and I don’t see this changing within the next few years.


I am completely aware of that fact Sir, however what is worthy to mention is that many junior job position requires to work stationary in small village near to capital city or at least big city ( i live in poland ), is because i have been working in netherlands ( country MUCH richer than the poland is) i have quite a lot in my pocket hence i am willing to work for any money and in every location is this is possible. I think this is my advantage

Thanks Just-B you are always helpful

I’ve seen lots of very good design that’s come out of Poland. I don’t know what the job situation is, but there are apparently designers (and clients) who appreciate good work. It sounds like you have a good plan. Good luck!

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Of Course, please let me explain it all to You. As far as my working experience is concerned, I was primarily involved in working as a chef and gained a lot of work experience in that domain of industry. However, my goals became bigger after a certain period of time, thus I decided to move to The Netherlands and to save a lot of money, make proper investment and push my life forward. Finally, I feel I am ready to follow my true self and look for a work in the domain that I’ve been primarily interested all this time. Thus, I’ve been spending some decent free time reading and studying for it all these years. I find myself a reliable, friendly, motivated, passionate and creative person.

that was my plan to move, earn money, make investment, pay 3 years in advance for BA degree

Just one more thing before I’m done. All my comments to you about the relative value of degrees, experience, portfolios, and age were made from my experience in the United States and from what I know about Western Europe. If your plan is to return to Poland to work, you certainly have a much better understanding of the employment expectations there than I do.

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