Question from talhapartners

I am doing SEO from 3 last 3 years but lacking at designing the website as well as the logo and images. My question is how i can create at least somehow attractive logo within the hard work of 1 month. Let me know if someone can recommend the source to learn and implement within a month for my roofing services and guides website.

I would recommend hiring a qualified professional graphic designer. Much like I would recommend hiring a qualified professional for roofing installation and repair.




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let me share a link of roof repair website, so as a professional designer. what changes you would recommend me to make. As i can’t hire the professional designer because of tight budget

Website name is bluejackconstruction

I’m gonna show you a picture of my roof. I have the shingles off. I’m on a really tight budget and can’t hire a roofer to do the work. Can you tell me how to do it?

See the problem here?
Requests for free work are not allowed on this website.
I’m sorry.
Perhaps one of the crowdsourcing sites would be more “useful” to you. But you do get what you pay for there.


I don’t understand.