Question on style of illustration

Hello guys.

What is this style of illustration called? And is this normally done with a mouse (pentool) or a drawing tablet? It looks like most of the strokes were drawn with the pentool but it seems too difficult to be done using a mouse. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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It’s possible these images (photos/still-frames) were Photoshoped as a duotone and filters applied to make them appear as an illustration.

Not to say this couldn’t be illustrated or traced in a vector program with the pen tool. Time consuming. But definitely feasible.The pen tool can do some amazing things.

It looks like it might have been done using vector drawing and the textures and such added in photoshop. Could have been made using adobe photoshop sketch on a tablet

My guess that it’s a combination of lots of talent, years of experience, a mastery of Illustrator and lots of final touches and textures added in Photoshop.

Personally, I find a mouse a whole lot easier to work with than a stylus on a tablet. Others find the opposite to be true.

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It looks like an example of a pretty common comic book style. Which most comic book artists work in different ways, you could search youtube for comic book inking, comic book coloring and find different people working in different methods.


And there’s a vector photoshop action to get you there.

Designed by Amien Juugo. Done in AI and PS. Check out his work here Lots of detailed vector work.

Thank you!

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