Question: What's the name of this style editing?

Hey guys, first post in here.
I’d like to know what the official term is for this style of editing, I’ve seen it in other videos/photos too. I want to use it for a school project.

Thanks :slight_smile:

A new version of redlining?

I didn’t know this had a name other than “drawing on a pic”

lol :wink:


It doesn’t have a name, perhaps rightly so.

A likely association might be the invention of the Telestrator; a device first used in the public eye as a means of overlay-diagramming football plays on a video screen showing the action.


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That sounds painful!

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It’s whatever you want to name it. That’s how much names of styles matter in this industry.

lmao :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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