Questionnaire for a sports tournament logo design

Hey Designers! :grin:

I have a logo design project coming up for a sports tournament and I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for questions I can add to my questionnaire that is more sports tournament specific.

Or if you’ve done a project like this before what questions did you ask that was beneficial?

Thank you for your wonderful design knowledge!!

What’s the budget?

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Yes haha definitely have that one on it

Sports logos are sort of their own genre, and I’ve found most sportspeople want to stay within that genre. Often these logos are way too busy and a whole lot less than good-looking, but they are what they are.

One thing I would ask is for them to show you some examples of what they like and, perhaps, don’t like, then balance what you think should be done with what will make them happy.

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I agree with you there haha! Thanks I will definitely make sure I ask for that

  • If the tournament were held in a place like Vegas, I might try to incorporate the local iconography into the design, so I’d ask about that.
  • Is the logo a one-time design, or do they need a new design every year?
  • If it’s a permanent logo, does the location change every year or stay the same?
  • Can they supply examples of their previous logos for reference? Do they want to maintain the same branding?
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Thanks! these are great

I believe they do a new design every year so I will definitely ask for what they’ve done in the past

A payment schedule.

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Yes, thank you! I always make them pay 30% before any work is done or shown

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