Questions about stroke weight on Inkscape

My next little group of Kids will outside in the snow. My characters are starting to come together a little faster as I practice and become more and more familiar with the Inkscape program. I have learned to constantly SAVE though as the program seems to crash often. But overall, I’m really addiced! I keep telling my husband that it’s my form of “knitting” while watching TV. Hahahaha.
One other thing that bugs me is keeping my stroke weights consistent. I try to set them as I build and create the parts for my characters, but they don’t always stick. I suppose it has something to do with the size/zoom/scaling I’m working in and then fitting or grouping, copying, pasting…etc. So I am constantly having to to adjust. I went online to find help, (behavior, transform, optimize or something like that.) but my settings were appropriate. Oh Well, I can be OCD with the tiniest details so I’ll just keep redoing, redoing, redoing. LOL
Anyway, here’s one of my latest. Oh! And I did go back and change all the “smiles” on my last group. And this new one, I needed a side face view… Thanks for all the help and guidance I have gotten here!


I can’t offer you any help with Inkscape as I’ve never used it. But, I had to come on and tell you that these are soooooo adorable! The side faces are killing me :smiley: … really, really sweet little characters and the snowman is fab!

Thanks for coming back and keeping us posted with your little darlings :slight_smile:

@KinderKiddles and btw … it took me a while to find the stray thread on that little gal on the right in the first pic :grin:

Awe Thank You! It means a lot coming from you “real” graphic designers!
Be sure to look for the my little thread! Oh! we just cross posted! LOL
The snowman has one too!

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ahh … love it!! :smiley: I had to go find it :wink:

It’s so nice to monitor your progress and improvement. Thanks for let letting us know.

The same girl also has a stray strand of hair out of the front of her cap, by the way.

Eeks! Thanks for the extra eyes!

From what I’ve seen, Inkscape has had a longstanding bug when scaling line art in groups. That might be part of the problem.

Also, somewhere near the dimensions boxes there may be a hamburger menu that allows you to toggle “When scaling objects…blah blah blah” Uncheck it if you don’t want the strokes to scale.

I don’t give out compliments lightly, but you you can draw exceptionally well. You seem to have a natural talent for it. I’ve followed your work you’ve posted here over the past few months. Have you been drawing since you were a little kid? Do you draw anything using traditional media? Have you had any formal art or illustration training?

I wish I could help you with InkScape, but I can’t. I use Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer.

Wow I’m so grateful for your compliments! Thank You!
I have been drawing/artsy all my life. I think it was one reason why I became a Kindergarten Teacher. I have always liked to make my own materials and love doing art projects with them. But, I do have to have a model or something to look at. I’m not very good at it out of my head.
About 6 years ago I got an active inspire board in my classroom and I LOVE using the pen tool to draw on that big board and creating activities for my kids. Our school printshop moved to all orders being online, so that also nudged me towards recreating a lot of my materials. It’s always bothered me to use other peoples clip art when I know I can draw or make my own. So last March when we were home teaching online (That was another huge learning curve for me!) and not going anywhere, I did my own home learning, did a little research, watched a few youtube tutorials, found this forum, and have become addicted to this media. I have a confession though. I’m not Drawing anything. All my work has been via my laptop mouse. It’s amazing what a little shape manipulation can do! I didn’t know! LOL Can you say carpal tunnel?
So, no, no formal training, Just playing around and experimenting.
Another part of my art journey over the years has been acrylic paints. One day my dad said there should be something hanging on our covered deck wall. It took awhile to wonder what I should do, but eventually I bravely bought some paints and started painting. You can see my work here. Since I’ve discovered digital illustrations, my studio has been pretty quiet.
I plan to retire this year after 42 years of Kinders. I think my illustrations are a way for me to process the end of my teaching days and will help me keep a connection with all the Little Kiddles that have come through my door over the years. I suppose it is also helping me with “what’s next”!
Sorry for the long ramble!

Thank You Again for ALL You Kind comments!


You might be using a mouse … but you are still “drawing”

Perhaps not in the traditional pen and paper sense… but to me, it’s still drawing. Only in digital form :wink:

and 42 years of teaching little ones … Darlin … God Bless You! What an accomplishment. Congratulations and enjoy that upcoming retirement :heart:

Ok … just checked out your site. Girrrrrrrrrl!!! You have some gorgeous pieces in there! You are one talented lady!

Yeah, I guess I do let my Fingers do the Drawing on the mouse. :slight_smile:

And Thank You! Someday I will get back to the paints. :slight_smile:

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… or try a Wacom tablet. If you’ve never used one, it will take you an afternoon to get used to it, but you’ll never go back. I think you’d find it very liberating.

Wacom and drawing might take an afternoon, but it’s been several months for me and I still inadvertently click and drag things I oughtn’t when trying to use software like Illustrator (though mostly I’m in Photoshop - and always clicking some dumb setting on the top bar. Grrr)
20 years ago I got carpal tunnel using a mouse for my job. Switched over to one of these and been pain free since. The best part is never running out of desk real estate and you have a little more control over your cursor with that monster trackball (though Just-B hates the loud-ish click, LOL)

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