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I am still in school and we are doing a hypothetical app development, so I wasnt sure if I should post here or Student, but thought I would get a better shot here.

For my project we are creating an app for Quick-N-Tasty pizza delivery. They cater predominately towards students, each day having specials for students . For example – Monday’s special for students is “1 medium Margherita pizza + garlic bread + drink for $16”.

This app is aimed at college students who can choose and order pizza directly from their mobile device. Once you have made your first order, you can save a profile, and even a copy of your student card so ordering next time is easier and you also receive updates of student specials as they occur.

I am looking for 2 professionals in the field to answer some questions that are part of my assignment

  1. What in your opinion would the major project requirements be for this project?
  2. When focusing on app design what is something unique to take into consideration compared to other types of design?
  3. What are the best tips you can give to new designers creating apps?


Is your professor/tutor/teacher compensating the two professional designers taking the time to answer your questions? Questions that should be discussed in class? They should know the answers if they are having you ask the questions.

  1. Your biggest major consideration with this app is Security. The pizza company is archiving personal and payment information. If you are the app designer, it is up to YOU, not them, to keep that information secure.
  2. Does the app work across platforms? You have to design it not only for mobile devices, but also for a laptop, iPad, and other screened devices.
  3. Know what you are doing.

I wish we could give people compensation for their time, maybe I could get more answers! Sucks because we have to get professionals to answer questions a lot for this specific lecturer and obviously people have things to do other than answer questions. Thanks for your response though, really appreciate it!

That’s a bit like asking what are the major requirements in designing an automobile. There are literally hundreds of them of equal importance in that without every single one of them, the car won’t work.

To start, though, is there a viable business case for this pizza app (or automobile). On the surface, it would seem as though there is, but will “Quick-N-Tasty” pizza delivery have enough interest and market penetration on this (I assume one campus) to make the investment and maintenance of a reliable, bullet-proof app viable. That might not be an answer your professor is looking for since it will likely have been decided before it reaches a designer, but it’s still the single most important question that needs to be considered.

That it’s almost exclusively mobile and the UI/UX needs to be as work on a small screen and, consequently, be compact, straight-forward, intuitive and minimal.

Think the problem through from every angle in its entirety before starting on it. Wrong paths and dead ends are expensive.

i have the perfect name for this app: Pizzaface
the logo for this will cost ya’

why would a professor demand such a task on thier students?
because they have no reality of the real world.

Hey thanks so much for your reply, really appreciate it!

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