Here in Utah, it rarely rains much. It snows a lot in the winter, but the summers are hot and bone dry. There might be an occasional afternoon thunderstorm that pours down for about five minutes, but that’s about it until the next winter comes along. Then it snows again.

The month of May is different, though. It’s not winter and it’s not summer and it sometimes rains — not every year, but now and again we get a few good rainy days.

Today it’s raining and has rained for hours. I know this isn’t exactly exciting, but it’s rare enough to make it, well, interestingly wet. Hardly anyone here has an umbrella, and if they have one, they don’t think about it when it rains.

Until today, I had never once used an umbrella. Yeah, this sounds weird, I know, but it was a hoot. There’s water coming out of the sky, which is weird enough on its own, but walking around in it with a little roof over one’s head and staying dry is really pretty fun. Our beagle got wet, but she doesn’t mind.

I know. I know. Some of you live where it rains all the time, so you think this is silly. For me, though, this umbrella thing in the rain was a first. I hope it rains tomorrow too. :smiley:


You should visit Europe, especially England or the Netherlands…:grimacing:

I think i got like 5 umbrella’s at home. One in my car, two at my house, maybe a few for people who visits and want to go outside again…

I’m jealous of Americans who don’t bother to look at weather predictions on tv or app and just walk outside with shorts and t-shirts… i’d love that too but… even in the hottest summer here it rains almost weekly :joy:.

But our winters are very mild, which I’m grateful for.

Oh and my plants love it there!

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That’s too funny B!

I’ve long past the point here in New England to care about the weather. The weather is the weather and true to the saying, “It’s New England, wait a minute and it will change.”

If it’s warm enough, I’ll go out in the rain and do yard work all day. Driving in the snow, over it. And now the least little flake keeps the kids home at school so far fewer parents on the roads going to work (bad for them, good for me.) Haven’t used an umbrella in years.

I toured in the UK for a week in May a few years back. Rained almost every day for 10 days but that didn’t seem to stop the people there. Met some really nice folks under shelter in a downpour at the far end of The Eden Project. They thought it very weird 3 Americans way out in the Cornwall countryside, not associated with a tour group, had their own car, used the B&B system, asking about the local pubs but laughed that we didn’t have brellies. Told us we almost got it right. LOL.


Loulou, I’ve never visited Europe. My ancestors are from Denmark and England, and I would love to visit — rain or shine. All the maybe-next-year thoughts turn into decades and it never gets done. I need to do it instead of just dreaming about it.

PD, the biggest downpour I’ve ever experienced was in your part of the country. We were in Worcester and needed to drive to Providence to catch a plane. It rained so hard the windshield wipers could not keep up. People were pulling off to the side of the road to wait it out. We ended up staying overnight at the airport because all the planes were grounded.

Few people here in Utah even own rain gear. Those of us who like to camp and backpack in the mountains keep a lightweight rain poncho handy, but solid days of rain are a real rarity in the valleys or the deserts. The only reason I even had an umbrella is because a company we use to make conference giveaways for clients (4imprint) had sent me a box of samples, which included an umbrella. it’s still raining today, by the way. Weird.

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Years ago I was returning to Toronto from Peterborough, Ontario, and it rained so hard cats and dogs could no longer qualify. Hogs and cows, more like. The shoulders along the 401 were jam-packed with cars and their nervous drivers who just gave up.

Looking back, it was nothing compared to the monsoon rain you met in Southeast Asia. Still, it’s better than snow.

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LOL Just-B! I love the way you processed this :smiley:

I have 2 Umbrellas. One in the van and one on the back of the bedroom door. I haven’t used either in years. I think I’m like PD. I’ve lived with oddball weather for so long I don’t think about it much anymore as far as planning my travels. It wouldn’t matter anyway. I could go out on a beautiful day and come back in a downpour. Speaking of that …

I actually love those :smiley: When it feel like Niagara Falls just hit your car and you have to pull over. Just sit there and listen to the sound it makes. It’s very relaxing. As long as I’m not sending myself into a panic over the other nutballs on the road :wink:

Any hooo… I’ve come in the house drenched on more than one occasion :smiley:

It’s raining for 2 weeks straight here.
Just two days of rain are causing rapid rises of water in a short amount of time.
Imagine what it can do in 2 weeks…
Floods here and there, nothing new. This is a scenario that repeats itself every year.
I remember back in 2014 the rain was so hard that a landslide destroyed the only road that connects us to the town. We were completely cut of from civilization for almost a month.
Seems like whole South Europe is affected by this weather conditions for quite some time.

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wow … I can’t imagine being cut off like that! Hopefully the rain will stop soon :slight_smile:

ye lol
it actually doesn’t have to rain, this village is full of underground streams
if you dig 2meters deep you’ll find groundwater
the elevation is around 1k, and we’re surrounded by mountains.
we have a lake that was created on the surface pit of a mine.
the mystery of this lake is especially interesting, because it was created thanks to a small stream, which managed to fill the surface pit with groundwater and close the surface completely.
my dad told me that they pumped the water out back in 1990s
but the water levels increased enormously and numerous machines remained captured under this lake.
cranes vanished completely. the depth is around ~110 meters

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That’s very beautiful scenery. Even the old copper pit looks good. :grinning:

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