I’m totally convinced Adobe software has “Random Screw Up” in its software.
Just had a random error creep in somewhere that prevented a PDF from forming. Just got the little texty thing that said I wasn’t saving with PDF compatibility turned on. Uh, it was.
Then tried to copy paste to new doc but doing so would “cause some elements to fall off the artboard” No idea what parts those might have been. The selection box was less than the page size.
Then tried to half scale it as it was 199.8" and PDFs have to be under 200" (maybe it was too close?) Nope.

Each time I would get a PDF view in Illustrator but if you actually opened the saved PDF file in Acrobat you got the little text box instead of art.

Of course the solution was to totally restart Illustrator, and re-open the file and try the save-as again.
I think I’m moving that option up to #1 on my ARSU troubleshooting list.
Thankfully I didn’t lose the art.



The bloated obesity of Adobe’s apps gets worse with every update. It’s not just the needless new features and random changes made to justify their never-ending fees, it’s also that the increased complexity and thick layers of fat behind it all has lead to more bugs, issues, additional steps and problems they fail (or never bother) to fix.

Illustrator, way back in the early '90s, used to be one of the most streamlined, svelte, efficient and well-built pieces of software I’ve ever encountered. Today, that’s not even close to being the case.


…and that’s why I use Affinity Designer.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do as well, but it’s difficult when one is in a workgroup where everyone else uses Adobe products in an industry that assumes much the same.

I do own a copy of the Affinity suite, though, and have high hopes for it.

Thankfully, I’m the only person in my office who needs to do any design, so I can use Affinity Designer without any problems. Here’s to hoping the “industry standard” changes – quickly – to anything other than Adobe!

One of the dumbest messages I’ve ever seen. In my experience, this happens when Illustrator loses track of, or can’t resolve, the artboard (and/or the to-be-pasted object) position relative to the rulers. As close as you were to the artboard size limit there, it was probably inevitable, and not as random as it might seem.

Yes, that would only exacerbate the condition.

Right; it’s the only way to clear the accumulated miscalculations and reorient the ruler reference.

Do you make press quality PDFs to send to publications and printers? If so, they haven’t had any issues with the files?

I’ve had Illustrator consider the size of a masked object on more than one occasion. It won’t move something if the art under the mask falls off the artboard. That may have been the case here, even though selected, it wouldn’t paste that invisible art.
Hence the half-scale try. To make the invisible crap fit.
There was a time, back around CS5 where they had fixed that bug.
It’s back.

Yes, I send PDFs to a printer I work with and they never have issues with the files.

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