I just have to vent. I work inhouse and at times we need headshots provided by our employees. I know, I know. There are numerous issues around this, but the one that I see the most with the pictures we receive is that the photos are ridiculously low-res. Just this week I got a photo that was 2.3 kb. Yes, 2 kilobytes in size.

I’m not even sure how that’s possible in tis day and age when pretty much everyone owns a smartphone with a high-res camera. Heck, I know flip phones that take better pictures than 2 kb.

<< bangs head on desk

Other common issues

  • Horrible Lighting
  • Badly cropped group shot
  • Poor contrast with background
  • Bad selfies, usually a car selfie

The only semi-redeeming thing is that these photos are only used internally, and never externally. But still …

[ first world problems ]


I feel your pain.

They either don’t know or don’t care. Maybe you could designate yourself internal photographer and keep a setup handy.

Or maybe put together a flyer that explains how to do this, something you can hand out quickly.

Those are very good suggestions, they could definitely ease your pain! The problem is rampant though, I received a 96mb file and the client asked for their logo to be crisp and clear. Most of the time is they just have no clue what you really need. I’ve learned to laugh and ask for something else if I can’t work my magic on it. You’re not alone if that makes you feel better.

Usually this happens when people send it over email and the email app only sends the thumbnail, not the image itself.

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