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Hey guys!

So basically this is an attempt to turn a realistic photo to be more like an anime background style

can you please give me your honest opinion about it?

Thank you!



It looks like you only changed the contrast and color hue, something like an instacram filter.
Is your intent to make it look animated like an anime cartoon type of art?
You did not accomplish that.

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Look into Rotoscoping effects.
It’s usually for movies, like A Scanner Darkly.

But there are decent photoshop tutorials around this effect out there.

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A better start might be an image without humans in it too.
Anime is very specific about how human forms are drawn.

This might break the rules a bit. If so, a Mod will smack me with a newspaper and remove it.

Here’s a simple photoshop filter (artistic-poster edges) that negates the humans pretty much, plus some edit-distortion and a crop.
Of course, everyone’s concept of ‘anime’ could be different.

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Thank you I’ll try this out!

Thank you for your honest opinion and for giving me some tips too … I really appreciate it!

In fact, I started by making some color edits in an attempt to make the photo appears like ghibli studio photos.

Anyways I will try using these tips … thank you one more time!

Ah, a reference helps. It appears the Ghibli backgrounds are fully painted. They may be renders of photos, but I don’t think so, or if they are, they are heavily edited with an artist’s touch. Very nice stuff, thanks for the reference!

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I loved the original picture only editing was ok but it didn’t seem realistic.

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Thank you for your feedback

In fact, It wasn’t supposed to be realistic as my target was to make it look like an anime scene background in ghibli style!