Re-applying for jobs

I’m happily freelancing at the minute, but once the pandemic starts coming to an end (whenever that is) I plan to look for another full-time role at a design agency.

I plan to contact agencies whether they’re hiring or not… and hopefully those that aren’t will still consider me when they eventually have a vacancy.

There are a few situations where I’m unsure whether to contact them or not:

  1. Agencies that I emailed to advertise my freelancing services but didn’t hear back
  2. Agencies that I’ve emailed in the past looking for a job (even if they’re not hiring) but didn’t hear back
  3. Agencies where I’ve had a job interview but didn’t get it (one of which seemed like a cool place to work, but the interview was quite disastrous)
  4. Agencies that I’ve freelanced for in the past but it didn’t go so well due to me not having enough experience at the time (I can do a much better job now however)

What does everyone else think? are there any listed above that I should avoid altogether?

Numbers 3+4 might seem like a bad idea, but I would try everything. No reason not to, really.

There is no harm in re-applying to any of the places you listed. Maybe the person involved is no longer there and you’d be starting with a clean slate. Maybe if they are still there, they have a short memory.

As for Agencies you may have emailed but didn’t hear from cuz they were not hiring, I’ll let you in on a little secret. We don’t keep resumes. At least not here. Some places might feed them into an HR database, but not all. And there’s no harm in supplying an update.

All sounds good, think I’ll give it a shot then!


Keep contacting, keep trying. Try every option you’ve listed above. I don’t think there is anything harmful in all these options.

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