Re-arranging the artboards

I am using Latest version of illustrator. I am designing a brochure (I am beginner in this and learning via doing). However, i want to re-arrange the artboards (I learnt how to re-arrange) and when i am selecting and dragging the artboard to a new place it is also dragging contents of its next artboard.

I have checked if there are any locks in place (Just a hunch), but no locks and nothing is there. I have grouped each artboard contents as separate objects/item. Still the behaviour is same. I would like to know why and what is the solution for this? Please help me.

Clipping masks?
Compound paths?
Text boxes linked?
Those are three I can think of.

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I would wonder if any of my art (perhaps inside a mask) was resting partly on the next art board … even a little could do it.

Sometimes this kind of thing is just tricky to solve. I might also try an automatic arrangement, I believe you can specify the spacing and getting them further from each other could solve it.

What happens if you draw a marquee around all the objects on one artboard (use the hollow arrow tool), copy and remove all the objects from that artboard, and then paste them into another? Does it break things on one or the other artboards? If so, that would help isolate and diagnose where the problem might be with whatever is connecting the objects, whether masks, groups, compound paths, links, etc.

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As of now I did that (Locking them in a single place and separating the artboards) for exporting purpose. How ever i have 20 artboards and i want auto arrange into 4x5 grid using Windows → Artboards options.

When i am using the auto arrange again the content is being dragged.

FYI… Initially it was designed by some one else and that guy is a such a bad designer he just throw everything in the layers, no grouping and no organizing nothing. Now, i want to add two more pages and i trying to organize all the layers into organized groups.

I have all of them. However, i don’t see any linked text boxes. If they are there how can we check it.

Attaching a photo of what i am doing and how it looks like.

View it in outline mode and check what’s going on with your components for each artboard


20+ pages in Illustrator artboards… :roll_eyes:
You might be better of just moving it all into InDesign (correctly rebuilt, not copy pasting)

If you have imagery under masks that crosses artboards that might do it (as Dgolas suggested.) Illustrator can be extremely stupid about masked imagery and “falling off the artboard”

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Ahh aa… Thanks for the tip and it worked. Now, i understood why all the content is being dragged across the boards. And as @PrintDriver said here illustrator is stupid about masked imagery and lot of things are “falling off the artboard” Below is the outline Image.

Thanks every one for your replies !!

I might, but i am extremely novice and learning while doing. So, it might be difficult for me as of now.

However, i need to print that also so we have designed that keeping in mind of that. I am not sure InDesign can offer same type flexibility as Illustrator !!