Realistic illustrations

I’m not sure how this guy manages to draw realistic fried eggs and hotdogs before they start to shrivel up. He’s pretty good at it, though.


Thats pretty crazy. I like the video aspect of trying to “spot the fake”


Well, that was cool.

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That was really neat! Thanks B :slight_smile:

The man has a gift!

I love that they show a bit of the process, just amazing.

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Very impressive the way he does it and by destroying the illusion on video he’s destroying the original, leaving just his copy. Metaphor upon metaphor.

I love this kind of thing so here’s another - maybe the best tromp l’oeil in England. The metal peg on the door is real but the violin is painted on. Painted by Jan van der Vaardt (circa 1653–1727).

Here’s a closeup;


I remember when I was in college, I would draw these photo-realistic drawings of intricate objects for certain projects. The project was to draw something from real life, but I forget the exact details. Some people drew things like milk cartons or fruit or whatever (I tested out of drawing 1 and anatomy drawing using my portfolio, but it was still a low level drawing class).

We would have to critique each other’s work in front of class and I remember once drawing the underside of a dried mushroom. The class was in awe, and one lady even said that it was magical. Then the professor (who was renown for being an artist for Hanna Barbera cartoons) got up in front of everyone and said “We’ll you’re not really creating art, now are you? You’re essentially just making a black and white photograph the hard way.” - I still got an A, but I was pretty disappointed at the time and whenever I see realistic art, I always remember that.


So, I thought I’d tag onto this. It’s not quite as “realistic”, but it has that same “foo your eye” trompe l’oeil approach.


That’s pretty awesome too :slight_smile:

Woo, these are looking so nice and there is no chance to understand which one is real, so perfection. And the violin hang on the door that is also looks so real and creative.

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