Rebranding and Stationery Design

Hey guys,

I am currently studying design and have an assignment that requires me to design a logo, website concept and stationery products for a jazz bar and bistro based on a scenario.

Does anybody have any tips based on their own personal experiences with rebranding?

My biggest personal concern is how to go about applying a design across all different formats in a uniform way without it being too samey - I still want it to be fun! Any advice on how to achieve this?

I would say do some industry research to see how other companies are successfully doing this. Creating mood boards helps to get an idea and visualize the “feel” of a company.

Also, if this is a fictitious company, try to think of who the ideal customer is.

Branding can be difficult, but also fun. You just need to do research rather than try to take a blind stab at it.

In the real world, this is rarely a problem. More typical is the problem of constraining people to actually sticking within the branding guidelines. You might come up with matching branding for the things you mentioned — and all those things might look too “samey” when seen together. However, they rarely will be seen together and will, instead, form the visual basis for the consistency needed to tie most all the chaotic pieces together that form the entirety of the brand that lies outside of those specific items you mentioned.

Do people use stationery any more? The stuff I have in my office is all foxed on the edge where it sticks out of the bin on the desk.

I think you might be looking at the forrest not the trees.

Think design first, then think implementation. Otherwise your design will suffer from the distraction.

TIP: Know your client. If it’s a real bar go there and find a corner where you can sketch a little. If not, find a similar place in your town. Try to get the feel of the place before you think technically.

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I think it’s more common for companies to use a stationery. The company I work for has letterhead, business cards, envelopes.

I agree. We are a mainly internet driven business but all our paper documents have the full monty treatment.

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