Rebranding of construction company

I have a client who does construction, but wants to expand into architecture,land surveying and more commercial construction and wants the logo to show all these things? how can i include construction,architecture and land surveying into one logo?

You can’t. Your client needs a lesson in branding. Effective branding is about recognition, not storytelling. Expansion of services is a terrible reason to re-brand. If there is already a brand established, at most I’d suggest a light refresh.

Sure, you’ll find design-talkers spouting all kinds of opportunistic retro-briefing about what the various elements of a logo were intended to signify, and it’s all so heady and intriguing. But that stuff is like talking up a good carpenter by claiming he smells like fresh lumber. Even if he does, it’s not what his workday is about, and it doesn’t contribute to the result of the application of his skills.

Your client’s construction/surveying outfit will have vehicles. When someone can recognize his vehicles from 1000 feet away, that will be effective branding. To produce that effect, the logo must be simple, singular, and ubiquitous. Pictures of tools, tagline lists of services, and all the stuff I expect your client is envisioning, will be counter-effective.


Exactly what i thought, i just thought why not ask maybe someone has an idea. In Namibia where im from people dont really understand graphic design, 1stly they think its easy, that a logo takes 30min. and that anything they ask we should be able to do, like this instruction. thanks

Lockheed_Martin NIKE Raytheon_Technologies

Lockheed Martin manufactures aerospace, arms, defence, security, and advance technologies; Nike sells footwear, apparel, sports equipment, assessors, and services; Raytheon makes aircraft engines, avionics, aero structures, cybersecurity, missiles, air defence systems, and drones.

They certainly do not show their wares in their logos.


Raytheon actually just recently updated their logo to add that…spinny thing…and the word Technologies. Like within the last few months. It used to be just a block letter logo until they merged with United Technologies. It still doesn’t illustrate what they do, unless that spinny thing is a target acquisition symbol.


I beg to differ that you can’t hint at all those industries in a single logo, but you need to go abstract. What do construction, architecture and land surveying have in common? Precision and geometry, as well as a certain sturdiness. Focus on these things.


I agree with OVOAO. Do some research and come up with something that focuses on those things.

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