Rebranding of The Group Be

Old brand

New Brand

In 2018 opens the Be Comporta, a space where the proximity, the well-being, the tranquility are the dish of the day. The space, in the image of the brand, was projected taking into account the surrounding environment, almost as a tribute to Comporta.

The “Be” brand has to act as parent brand and will have its umbrella of spaces.

It is a young, modern, fresh-chic, dynamic, conceptual, healthy brand that appeals to the senses, breathes and wants to take advantage of the texture of its supports, which wants to be shareable and unique at the same time.

Their locations take on a secondary role, they become a note, a mark, a signature.

In this way we wanted to create a harmonious and balanced combination of the various elements

While their locations become a note, a mark, a signature.

Each space is unique, has its own location also its own concept, that is, a “Be Comporta” is more space of summer, of sun, ample, of landscapes that never finish, of sunset.

The “Be Lisbon”, in turn, is a more modern, but welcoming, green space in the heart of the city.

Branding Agency: Agency LUV Simply Love, Lisbon, Portugal

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