Recipe book

Hi GDF, I’m doing a recipe book, But I have a really hard time with it, since typography is not what I do best… I’m a little unsure how many pages to be in the book yet. But it’s 22x22 cm in size. Is there any I might be able to send a wetranfer to that will help me a little started, and help me rightly the texts here and there… So the whole follows the baseline network, and looks good to margin… It is about 2 pages, also I also need help that my pagina first starts with the page number number 1 on page 5, there is a friendly person who will help me?? So it’s all going to be good!

You’re asking for what you think is a simple favor, but you’re also asking for free work that might take a bit more time and effort than you anticipate. Unfortunately, that’s against the forum rules. If you’d like to pay someone, please post a note in the classified section of the forum, then you can work out something with whomever responds.

Sorry, but the forum rules don’t permit solicitations for free offline work.

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