Recommend me a printer under 200€ :)

Hey guys,

I’m looking for an affordable inkjet printer. I was going for Epson Expression Photo XP-760, which is limited in availability at the moment (and I need a quote for it which I won’t get from say, Amazon). So basically something to print b&w documents, test prints and artwork, too! Any recommendations? Thanks a mil.

Have a look at an Epson Artisan.
I use an Artisan in the office for quick proofs/form printing/excellent quality photo prints. I’m on my third one (they are NOT production machines. We work them hard and they last about 2.5 years then go toes up for dumb ink maintenance issues.) But a good workhorse with good color on OEM papers.


I’ve got a Artisan 1430 and it’s wonderful. Unfortunately it has begun reaching the end of it’s life, but was amazing while it lasted! Able to print on pretty thick stocks too.

I’ve had good luck with several Canon multi-function printers, as they scan artwork pretty well too.

My $150.00 Pixma MP780 lasted for 11 years. After it finally bit the dust, I got a MX922, which is lighter weight but works fine. About $80.

I also have a Canon MP series. The only thing I hate about it is the amount of ink it runs through. Did you have the same issue with yours?

The MP780 wasn’t bad with ink at all. It was an awesome machine, and I miss it.

Interestingly, I originally paid $150 and now it sells for about $300 used. I’ve seen it for sale new closer to $800.

This is a scan I did with it, placing marigolds onto the platen and draping a black cloth over it.

Inkwise, the MX922 is worse, for sure.

Ballardstudio, I’ve got an almost new print head and some ink cartridges I’d let go really cheap, if they fit your MP. If interested, ping me.

Hey guys I really don’t think they are looking for a printer. Looks like a SEO anchor text link to me.

What do you mean? The link goes to a review of the printer they mentioned.

And, a look at Delta’s stats reveals a studious and productive forum member.


Look at the link you did to Best Buy and look at the link they did. Mmmm. They have anchor text specific yours don’t. So if you were researching you would submit a link like yours, not theirs so keyword specific. I’m just sayin.

I don’t think so… for my original one, I pasted in the whole url.

Their link was just attached to text. I could have easily done mine like this:
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Plus, their forum stats are lovely.

As the saying goes, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree on this one. :wink:

I was just sayin. Whatevs.

Hi Harris,
If you feel a post is spam, advertising or inappropriate in some way, you can always flag it for the forum moderators to look into.



That being said, I did indeed look into the post, and there is nothing that indicates the OP is not legit. Thank you for your vigilance!

I was just sayin. Sounds good.

Why thank you @HotButton

Thanks everyone for suggestions. I’ll research them a bit further and see what’s available. :slight_smile:

I had my old HP Deskjet D2500 printer that worked just fine if I didn’t want anything ambitious for 120€. Obviously when I started working at the agency I saw the results of professional printers and I completely changed my mind. If you want it for your own projects the Epson Expression Photo XP-760 you mentioned may be suitable. When I started working on my own last year I definitely changed to a3 printers. I checked the Brother MFC-J5730DW I saw on that page but I finally went for an EPSON WorkForce WF-7720 that I got in Amazon the last black friday. It’s giving me good results so far. Considering its price (around 400 without discount), its dpi is probably one of the best you can get.

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