Recommendation for a good branding book or bible

Hi! I’m looking for some good literature about branding principles. One of my goals is to develop a branding manual for the City of Gaithersburg, and I would like to get some good foundations for that. It will be a complicated project given the different logos and brands within the city. I’m also looking forward to provide some training on branding to the different departments. Thank you!

I have a book titled, The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. I needed to buy it for an online class a few years ago. Honestly, I only skimmed through it, but there was some good information and examples in the book. I just pulled it off my bookshelf and looked when it was published — 2002.

As for actual brand manuals and guidelines, some creative Google searches can turn up quite a few. Lot’s of companies keep their branding guidelines online, squirreled away in obscure parts of their websites. Government agencies do this a lot since all their information is public (well, at least for those government agencies that have written brand standards).

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I’d be wary of government brand standards. They don’t often have the best professional taste when it comes to usage rules. But there are a lot of companies that do have them online. A good search to start is:
Brand standards pdf

This was reccomended to me by a tutor at university as a good example of brand guidlines. I think its a good one, and at 98 pages long, very thorough! lol


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