Recommended beginner xp-pen graphics tablets?

So, I had a black XP-Pen G640, it was my first tablet and I had it for almost 1 year, but recently I lost the pen and I can‘t buy one where I live so I would have to buy it online, like I did with my tablet. So instead of that, I decided to just buy a better one. Screen Tablets are too expensive for me, so I was looking at the XP-Pen Star06 ( ), wich I’ve heard is called the best non-screen tablet, but it was also a little bit on the expensive side for me. In my opinion the XP-Pen G640 was decent, but I also dont have experience with other graphic tablets, so right now what I’m looking for is something in the middle between a XP-Pen Star06 and the XP-Pen G640 ( )quality-wise, that will also hopefully be not as expensive as the Star06 .

Looking for a relatively cheap graphics tab (under £100). It does not have to have a display but should connect to my mac and be compatible with photoshop.

I have little experience in that area so I am hoping you can

What would you suggest?

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I’ve been a wacom user for nearly a decade and a half, I’ve never had issues with them, the parts are easy to get as they’re fairly popular. You can get a small sized Wacom Intuos in your price range, the one I currently have, you can get a bluetooth kit for it and use it wirelessly too.

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+1 for Wacom Intuos. Small should be under a 100$. But if you’re using for illustration rather than just design, you might need more space so I’d suggest medium.

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