Recommended Printing Vendors in US


Does anyone recommend a reliable printing company in the US, that can offer affordable great quality packaging printing?

-Print small runs of around 300 - 500
-Variety of retail packaging options
-Custom printing
-Full color printing

Biggs may know someone.

Is “Fast” also in the equation?

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LOL @Eriskay.
I’m waiting for the “I just found so-and-so” reply.

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300-500 quantity isn’t enough to even warm up a flexo press

that is poor management.

I can think of a bunch of reasons one would need only 300-500 boxes.
There’s all kinds of direct print out there that could conceivably do short runs.
I’ve done quantities of under 100 for various events by using a flatbed and CNC cutter/scorer, then having a glue-up party, but they weren’t what I’d call “affordable.” They were great quality and relatively fast though.

Oh man, PD I appreciate the mention.
Printers, I do know. Quite a few. But packaging is a very exclusive industry, and almost always involves large volume. especially in the corrugated industry.

I have to ask, what type of packaging are you looking for? Smaller, more novelty or promo material packaging I could find at a reasonable cost. perhaps even at wholesale.

Larger boxes will come at grossly steep pricing; Take a considerable time, and land you with with a few thousand pieces.

Here’s one example of something small, and cost effective - I could get a handful (100pcs or less (or more) )
of 2.75" cube boxes for under 200 bucks USD, and in about a week’s time. Full color offset (heidelberg) with a UV coating. 18pt C1S.

And I have other items as well. 4" cubes. 3x4’s - Small stuff, ya know?

Go high enough in volume and we could even get them for around 20 cents a piece. tough to beat, and resealable for a considerable profit.

You can actually try to use international printing company. They are just lake US company but cheaper. I got mind delivered within 7 days via air. I recommend They do online instant quoting and this helped me a lot! Good luck!

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