Redesign critique

Hi, guys! I am done redesigning my website. What are your thoughts about it? How are colors, animation, navigation, etc?
Please give me your suggestions. I really appreciate your opinion.

Wow…this is impressive. I really like what you did here.

Did you disable right clicking on your website? I’d love to hear how you accomplished that because I would like to implement that on my websites if possible.

The overall look feels completely original. Not sure if you’re pulling inspiration from somewhere but this site seems very unique.

I wouldn’t think the clean look would work with a site about hunting and fishing but it works very well in your case. Every element feels custom and unique, the moving images, the rollovers, the whole site seems legit.

My biggest question is what role did you play in making this site? Did you design the banners, did you program the code, or did you somehow do it all? This seems like a rather time-consuming project!

I’m not sure I’m as impressed as calebninja, but I don’t disagree with most of his post. There is some nifty work there.

I’d ask that too, mostly because I wonder where the writing comes from. Although I’m annoyingly strict about correct language, I wouldn’t say the writing is terrible, but here in America it reads as though it’s been translated or written by someone whose first language is not English.

My overall impression is that it’s a nice looking site and a nice take on affiliate marketing.

However, I wonder how well the banner illustrations work. Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice illustrations. But will they appeal to target market? I’m thinking of the hunters and fishermen I know, and they don’t strike me as the kind of guys that would appreciate arty illustrations.

One thing I did notice on the homepage banner, it looks like the hunter is pointing the gun directly at the fisherman. You may want to change that.


I agree that the illustration banners look great, however they may not fit the demographic. I also think the bright cyan blue seems a little off balanced in comparison to the rest of the site and the overall feel of the brand.

Maybe if you utilized a more earthy color pallet into the illustrations it would work better.

As someone with more than a little experience designing hunting and fishing websites and various collateral materials, I know the usual look all too well: big heroic images of buck deer, big fish & grin shots, giant Ford F250 pickup trucks, men doing manly things, camo, women being depicted as outdoor babes, and everything shown in an exaggerated realistic style.

Personally, I’m more than tired of that look and think what you’ve done is innovative, different and won’t at all be outside the realm of appreciation for most anglers and hunters — especially ones who don’t fit into the good 'ol boy category. It’s high time someone pushed the boundaries of this a bit.

That said, the turquoise blue header is a little overpowering. I’m also not really a fan of using the typeface you’ve chosen for body copy. That said, I love the canvas illustrations (I’m assuming canvas was used). I also agree with Calebninja that the hunter probably shouldn’t be pointing his rifle at the fisherman.

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Thank you, sir.

I hadn’t bothered to read the copy, but I agree now that I’ve done so. Although it’s technically OK for the most part, I’m all but certain this wasn’t written by a native English speaker. The inconsistent use of articles before some of the nouns suggests Russian.

Thank you!

Programmers wrote a special plugin for us. But I think you can find a standard plugin for content protection, for example:

I personally have not tried it but, the description seems right.

Yes, it took quite some time. I designed interfaces, page logic, generated ideas for design and deal with the management of all processes

Funny:) We will think about that, thanks

We launched the design on Monday, but we already note a much greater involvement of users according to web analytics. Also noticed a strong positive impact on sales. But it is too early to say, too little time has passed.

The site looks great but the color of your website banner doesn’t coincide with the other colors on your site, i would suggest putting a real nature and characters on your banner, that would make it more authentic.

Thank you for your feedback! We will be thinking about it.