Relevant and Irrelevant TV commercials

Some TV commercials (however humorous or interesting) just aren’t very relevant to the product or service they are selling. I don’t know what the market research is telling the advertisers. There may be an advantage to repetition, remembering the brand name without remembering the product. But as a consumer and designer, irrelevant humor doesn’t work for me.




List your examples of both relevant humor and irrelevancy despite the humor.

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both kinda make me giggle :smiley:

But, I’m not hard to amuse :wink:

If I think of an example I’ll post it. Having only Prime and Netflix I don’t see many commercials anymore. I usually see a longggg one on Hulu and they all annoy me relevant or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already forgotten all the ads from the last football season.
Otherwise, I don’t watch TV - quite honestly because of the ads.
While I recognize the Camel and “hump day” I didn’t remember who the ad was for (until seeing the Geiko in the image.)

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GEICO has made dozens of commercials that are irrelevant. I only remember them as being GEICO commercials because of how irrelevant they are.

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