Remote Desktop

Do any of you use a remote desktop for when you’re working at home and need to connect to your office computer? I just got WFH Fridays and I’m looking into a remote desktop that will connect my Mac at home to my PC at work that will allow me to share files. Thanks!

Are your files on that work unit?
Or are they on a server at work?
Makes a difference.
For better or worse, we use Dropbox. We can access files from anywhere, even on phone (if the phone has software that can view them.) I’m not a fan, mostly because of their stupid iconography on their file labeling system, and their clumsy (non-existant) comment notifications, but with a few workarounds, I can work from just about anywhere that has wifi.
Which is unfortunate too, cuz you end up working out of office more and more, unless you stomp that down right quick. Watch out for your evenings and weekends!


Good question, some of the files are on the unit and some are on a desktop.
I use dropbox for other clients but I don’t want to have to copy over gigs of files either. I’d like to just be able access them when and if I need them.

When absolutely necessary, I can remote in to my workstation from my home PC (note: both are windows) via standard remote desktop windows application, or from my work issued iPad via the Jump app.

I don’t do any copying of files to/from my home PC as our security policies do not allow for it, similar to “no personal usb storage devices at work” policy.

When I have to remote in, I’m full-screen on the local machine, and working on the remote machine with access to any and all network resources that remote machine has access to for file storage and retrieval.

I have also got teamviewer access to my workstation from any pc anywhere, as long as I have my work phone and know my teamviewer login info.


I definitely will need t copy files. I got the suggestion for Chrome Remote Desktop and we already work in a Google Workspace I’m going to set that up and see how it goes

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I been working from home since the lockdown. I have my work mac here. Most of our orders come in on email so I have access to those. I do the work and send proofs back.

For production files, those I’m sending to print, we use Sync which is very much like Dropbox. I upload the files and the print guy downloads them and sends them to the machine for printing.

For coordinating work and sending files between us we use WhatsApp. It works very well for us.

You could make this work for you if there is someone in the office who could send you the files you need to work from home. Then send files back via Whatsapp.

If you need access to a library of files, get them copied to an external terabyte ssd drive and have that at home. I did this and I have our entire archive on external drives.

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Hello @DesigniaToo,

I would look into TeamViewer. You could open an account and add the work PC to it, and you would be able to access it anytime from anywhere uninterrupted. I travel a lot and have the same scenario: I need to access files on my home PC while abroad. TeamViewer has file-sharing features, where you can either download or upload files easily.

Lemme guess, you work for them.

lol, nope… Just use the software alot is all…