Remove Watermark

Can someone please help me remove watermark in this picture, or can someone help me how to remove the watermark in this picture please???

No one here will help you with that.
It is against copyright law for anyone to do that.
Pay for the license (for either the software you used to make it, or the image if it was a collaboration) like you are supposed to.

If you did make that yourself using Cre8tiveAI, that’s pretty cool!



Yer goin to jaaaaaail!

Why??? It’s totes original and completely my own work - I changed over 75% of it therefore I won the copy right and all the moniez that comez with it!

You owe me just for looking at it!

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A little digging and this looks like fanart for a game called Honkai Impact 3. The character is Dea Anchora and the artist is known as ‘Ether’. Cre8tive AI is a photo + video editing software suite. I’m not even sure this image is copyright (it appears to be posted by the artist to be easily shared), but the rights of the original artist should still be respected. The idea of taking off any watermark that is clearly designed to protect such rights is just wrong.

If it’s fanart, it’s even easier to get permission for use of the artwork for personal use. It’s an entirely different issue regarding commercial purposes. I even have trouble with artists who charge a commission to do fan art for other fans. If I do it, it’s for free. The characters aren’t mine. Fan art is a strange little loophole in copyright law where usually the entity being adored turns a blind eye to fan art and fic. Some even encourage it. But I personally draw the line at making money off of it.

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