(Removed) African psychic medium in Liverpool

Upon completion of the spell work, which requires several extensive ritual sessions, a talisman is prepared for you. Psychic sheikh (removed) is your answer.

Spell Casting

love binding spells

bring back Lost Lover Spells

Divorce Spells

Due to unforeseeable circumstances …

This post is so incredibly stupid that I can’t bring myself to delete it. :crazy_face: I don’t want to give this scammer more exposure, though, so I’m removing the phone number and altering the name.

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Forget that, I’m not falling for that!

… now if it were a Liverpudlian psychic medium in Africa, hmm, maybe then I’d give them a call.

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There is no lost lover I want to bring back… believe me!


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There are a few clients on whom I would dearly love to cast spells.

Anyone interested in what the Bible has to say about this? Read …
Proverbs 26:2 — “An undeserved curse has no effect. It’s intended victim will be no more harmed by it than by a sparrow or swallow flitting through the sky.” (TLB: The Living Bible)

Another version of the scripture says, “… will not be harmed by it. It shall return upon the one who sent it.”

Fear not, Younglings. This guy has no idea what he is dealing with.

Having grown up in Utah — the U.S. capital of unusual religious practices — I don’t want to publicly question anyone’s religious beliefs.

However, I’m fairly sure our self-proclaimed African psychic medium in Liverpool is more interested in extracting cash from gullible customers’ wallets than offering religious solutions to love and romance.


I always miss the people I break up with … I need more target practice ! :crazy_face:

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Is the Bible implying that curses are real? And that a deserved one will stick?
A lot of drivers on my way to work fall into that deserving category.

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Funny, PrintDriver. LOL. Yes, the Bible does imply that. But real or not real is not the issue. My concern is the abject fear it may cause some who may be insecure and fooled by it.

Case in point: some time ago, a young lady was considering a mission trip to Haiti with some others from my local church but was afraid to go because of the voodoo that is so prevalent to the island. My daughter was a missionary there and asked my wife and I to help her. We shared this scripture with her and that knowledge freed her to go and have a life changing experience.

Does it make sense to you now?

Oh it made sense before. :slight_smile:
No worries.