Removing Image Backgrounds- Need help

Hi Everyone!

I have like 5 images I need the backgrounds removed from.
It’s mostly solid white and black backgrounds.

But I have some concerns,

  1. The images are copyright protected so I am bit iffy…As i was afforded the license to them and i don’t want to just pass them to strangers…lol How are you with privacy?

  2. I know how to remove image backgrounds myself. However, I need them professionally done…where the edges or precise and also sharp. PNG and photoshop files. It has to be sharp because the images has to be printed on things.


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  1. If they are protected do not use them without paying for it. Eventually it will bite you in the ass.
  2. You have two options here. You can do it manually in photoshop, you just have to zoom in and do it carefully. Or the other option is to try this AI too:

What does this mean, exactly? Are they stock images you’ve paid to use? Or a friend said you could use them? How are you “afforded” the license to use them? Is it in writing?

And… if you want to hire someone to do this, you should post it in the Classified section. :wink:

Going out on a limb here …

I believe he is saying he has paid to use them … but is afraid if he sources this out to have the background removed there is a chance they could be used by someone other than him and is worried he will be held accountable.

If that is indeed the case there is no guarantee that someone won’t steal digital work.

This is why you should always choose a professional. It’s highly unlikely they would do something nefarious with your files. It would be their reputation on the line. Worst case, if they did use the image without getting permission, that’s on them not you.

But, I’m no lawyer lol :smiley:

I’m sure others might have more insight.

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Okay, the images are copyrighted, and you need backgrounds removed.

Not sure who you’re asking, but if you hire a professional, there’s no need to worry. There are plenty of trustworthy pro’s who read/post here daily, so if that’s what you need, post your ad for paid work in the Classified section of the forum.

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That’s exactly what I’m trying to express here… thank You.

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