Removing the sticky left by scotch tape

For those people in the ‘I Hate …’ thread who don’t like the sticky residue left by scotch tape I have found that the best way to remove it is with an oil, WD-40 works very well and doesn’t attack plastic which some solvents do. The glue is oil based and so a penetrating oil dissolves it.

Just thought I would pass this on.

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Any problem that has a solution I don’t hate. Stupidity and inconsideration, however, have no solution.

I have a can in my crafting supplies :smiley:

I always use it to remove residue off wine bottles and jars I’m using in my crafts. Works like a dream :slight_smile:

Back in the olden days of paste-up, wax, tape, fixative, Crystal Clear, and spray glue, we used to liberally slather rubber cement thinner over everything to remove the residue (along with a few brain cells).


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