Requesting Advice on First Project

Hello everyone! I spent a day or two on this project of mine; it was created in Photoshop. I am knowledgeable in photoshop, but still novice in graphic art; any help and advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

Graphic design is not photoshop art. Graphic design is a communication solution. Not sure what you have here, but it isn’t graphic design.

What is your objective?
What is your message?
What is your call to action?
What best describes the audience you are trying to reach?

If you just need art tips, what is it that has you hung up? We can’t judge your artwork, your intent, or your direction. Only you can do that.

Hello! Thank you for the response. The purpose of this project is just to get my feet wet in graphic design. I guess I created it just to expand my creativity and recreate the cool inspirational photos you see over the internet. I guess my audience would be general viewers.

My main questions are
•What design fundamentals am I doing correctly/incorrectly
•Is proportioning and color balance correct/incorrect
•What would experienced artists do to enhance this image.

It is not a graphic design unless there is a message.
You have not used any design fundamentals.
Proportioning? Compared to what? Distortion can be used to effect in graphic design, if it suits the message.
Color balance? Quite honestly I can barely see a figure with a pony tail. It’s rather murky and my monitor is fairly well balanced for print production.

It is Art. If you love it, it’s great!

Not to beat a dead horse, but what you’re attempting isn’t graphic design, so it can’t be critiqued as graphic design. Instead, you’re simply working on a personal art project in Photoshop.

Critiquing it from that perspective, why is the image so dark? I couldn’t even tell it was an image of a woman with a ponytail until I lightened it up. You say you’re knowledgeable in Photoshop, so assuming that’s the case, why did you create an image so dark as to make the subject matter unrecognizable?

I had assumed at first glance at the original version that it was a mountain with streams of lava. I never would have seen a person or any of the other details. But, as has been mentioned, this is not graphic design. It is essentially digital illustration or digital compositing.

Thank you for the correction; I appreciate the direction!

I agree with my colleagues. This is not graphic design