Requesting for assistance

Hi world designers,
I am viswanathan from India, well I want to know that,"How to name for the new brand, I think it is more challenging one, Kindly assist to get clear view about it.

There is a whole process to coming up with a companies branding. Are you in school for design or just wondering how a designer goes about it?

Whatever you are creating, since there are no details above, do some research. Look into:

  1. Industry names
  2. Competitor names
  3. Colors used

If there is a story, cultural leaning, audience, national vs international, try to make your name easily associated with whatever makes it stand out.

EX: Champagne vs sparkling wine.

Make yours champagne.

Type in “random brand name generator” in Google, and go wild … That, or have a series of meetings with the client and find out as much as you can about the project.

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