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Hello friends! This is my first post. I am the only graphic designer at a rapidly growing company. For our product, we run a website, blog, produce videos, ebooks, and social media, but all of the brand identity guides and resources are spread out all willy-nilly. It’s hard to track resources down, and as we continue to grow, I think it will get harder and harder to keep our brand consistent.

I’m looking for a design “library” resource. Something made to host our branding guide, our graphics in various formats, our videos, and links to resource websites. Essentially, I want a one-stop shop for everything people need. Something that is cloud-based and links with SSO would be ideal, so that all employees can access it and get what they need. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks for the help!


Mega Sync is what I use to organize all of my mock-ups, designs, illustrations, fonts, and more. They offer 50 gb which is good and you can earn more storage too.

I think, since this is a company with multiple branding vehicles, their digital assets would require quite a bit more storage than 50 gigs.

Maybe check out BrandFolder.

This looks promising. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Microsoft Sharepoint could be an option, too.

Microsoft anything is never a first option. LOL.


I can’t necessarily argue with that. But I do have a client that uses Sharepoint as a depository for their photo library.

I’m not keen on their OS, but I do use the Office programs a lot. Well…Excel anyway.

Copy that…


Our company uses Sharepoint and it’s a hot mess.

Copy that too. Horrible tool. Even the gurus don’t get it.

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