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Gunnar glasses:

Thug-D, why did you post this stuff? And what’s with the link to the glasses store? Are you trying to promote them? Unless you can give me a good reason why it should stay, I’m going to remove this whole thread. Sorry.

Other than the WikiHow information, you’ve linked to a bunch of nonsense. You know that — right? Rather than getting medical advice from homemade YouTube videos, it just might be better to look to more credible sources.

That being the case, here’s what the Harvard Medical School has to say about using exercises to improve one’s eyesight:

Until evidence-based research proves otherwise, it’s safe to assume that nonmedical self-help eye exercise programs won’t keep you out of glasses if you need them and won’t change the ultimate course of your nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, or astigmatism. As we age, eye exercises do absolutely nothing for glaucoma or macular degeneration — serious diseases that require professional medical help.

WebMd says essentially the same thing while pointing out that John Hopkins University School of Medicine, The American Academy of Ophthalmology, and The American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology, among others, agree that, except in specific circumstances with specific conditions, eye exercises won’t do anything to prevent or cure typical eyesight problems.


When I was in grade 2 I had to wear glasses(for almost a year) because of myopia. Luckily my dad had been an acupressure practitioner for twenty years back at that time and unlike my mom (who’s a nurse) thought that wearing glasses was like using crutches to never strengthen a curable leg. Hence, he taught me a few eye exercises. Within a few months my eyesight became normal. Lately my eyesight problems showed up again due to my negligence. I thought YouTube might have better far better exercises than the one’s my dad taught me but they were very similar. I thought it would be good to share it on the forum so that people become aware of it.

Now I did not mean to say that these are miraculous exercises. They have their limitations. It might not work on people of every age and can not obviously cure hyperopia. The only exercise I believe would help every single person in this forum would be the one which teaches people to reduce eye strain. I’ve realized that I should’ve mentioned this. I apologize for not doing so. Since I can’t edit my original post would the admins mind adding the info about age limitations,etc.

If I intended to promote Gunnar Glasses I would’ve used an affiliate link. I can’t afford one myself. However, since this product has received a lot of positive reviews(esp. from designers) I thought people might find it useful. I acknowledge the fact that I should’ve mentioned a lot of the information I’ve stated now in the original post. I’m sorry if the original post ended up appearing misleading. I do not intend to deceive anyone. If removing this entire thread is the best option then I guess it should be done.

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Thanks, Thug. After re-reading my post, it came across as more abrupt than I meant it. Thanks for the explanation.

However, I’ll still choose to rely on the medical experts and researchers’ findings on this subject. For what’s it worth, I’m highly skeptical of acupressure and acupuncture as well. Again, there’s just way too little evidence supporting it. Whether or not either has any effects at all, the underlying premise of pressure points, meridians and energy flows just don’t match up with scientific biology or, for that matter, physics.

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I’ve always wondered if exercises could help eyeballs. Since eyes have muscles, it could make sense that exercise could strengthen them.

So I’ll just say, thanks Thug-D for posting an interesting topic, and thanks, Just-B for leaving it in.

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