Hi Everyone,

I have a question pertaining to setting up retainers with clients to develop long-term business relationships.

I have a standard Web Design contract that covers the basics (updates, maintenance, support for website issues etc.), however what I’ve found is that especially with what’s been going on recently, things can come up that I could have never predicted that clients are asking for help with. For example, I have some clients in the health industry that are now requiring consent forms from their patients with every visit, so I’ve been setting them up with an online e-signature service to streamline this process.

Normally I just do extra things on a pay as you go basis, but will smaller tasks I find it unnecessarily time-consuming to have to constantly quote/negotiate for smaller projects. So I’d like to ask, does anyone have a retainer agreement with their clients that really work for them? How do you deal with unexpected issues that arise and cover them in your agreement? Does it work better for you to do it annually/ biannually/ quarterly? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.