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Gotta say, there’s something very satisfying about seeing those 5 stars when going through upwork - which is something that doesn’t happen freelancing on your own.


What’s your opinion of Upwork? I started a profile so I could get a freelance gig every now and then for extra cash, but I feel like every job specifies they want someone who already has a good rating. Can’t get a rating if no one wants to hire someone who has no jobs/ratings in the first place. lol

Yes getting the first couple jobs is hard. I believe you can bring clients to the platform to help you get started and get good reviews.
They take a 20% cut which sucks (I don’t think this applies if you bring your own clients)
Upwork is good for me right now since I started freelancing this year and am still building a client base. Its also a nice way of vetting clients before taking them on since they also are rated.
The rating system is a bit nerve racking but also rewarding when you get a good review. You never know what people will ding you for sometimes. I had a client disappear for a week and when she returned she said there was a family emergency. Afterwards she gave me 4 stars for communication.
Upwork has it’s pros and cons, but as far as I can tell is the best online platform for freelancing right now.

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