Revolution of Design - How would you like to design responsive web pages / apps?

What do you think would be the most effective way to design responsive web pages / apps? (Feel free to invent some alternatives to CSS, HTML, Adobe XD / Sketch, etc.)

The alternatives to CSS and HTML are server-side scripting languages.

XD and Sketch are interphase and content development approaches more than they are web design approaches. They can be used for any computer user interface design.

Part of the problem with the term “responsive web design” is that it’s a broad term to describe something more specific “adaptive layout.” And it’s adaptive in multiple ways. Liquid layout reflows the same content. However, “adaptive” could also mean filtering optimal content composition for the display configuration.

Brain Code.

Think it … and it gets done.

Instantly produced web content created via neural mapping the various sectors of our creative & non-creative thought / brain.

All this ‘manual labor’ stuff is sooooo yesterday.

Tell that to the HR and Payroll/Finance department heads of the 99.99% companies still relying on manual labor.


The alternatives to CSS and HTML are server-side scripting 1 languages.

Yeah, I’m mainly a backend developer. It’s the reason why I’ve posted this question - I’m looking for something more effective and intuitive than just manual “transform” images from interphases like XD / Sketch to code.

@grfkdzgn Brain Code. Well, how do you imagine a website - all its pages, states, look on different devices, so we can read your mind and build something usable?

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