RIP FontExplorer. Can I migrate?

So I was horrified (not sure that verb is strong enough to accurately reflect my feelings) that FEX is going to the graveyard. Does anyone know if ANY currently active font organizers can import, at MINIMUM, the category structure (and at best, the classifications)?

This is pretty life-shattering for me, after like 12 years of using it and plugging hundreds and hundreds of dollars into annual upgrades.

I’m in the same boat. I texted with the Monotype sales dept and they said to use the Monotype app, which replaces Skyfonts (which is also being phased out). I haven’t had a chance to fully test the app, but it seems to be very similar to Font Book (Mac). It seems to have moved everything over from Fontexplorer… fonts I use as part of my Adobe Fonts subscription, fonts I’ve purchased over the years, and fonts in my Monotype subscription.

The Monotype subscription for individuals is going from $119 to $199, but that gives you access to everything in their library.

I’ve got to look at it closer over the weekend.

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Mojo, would you keep me posted please? Very important to many of our workflow’s here.

Monotype is a freaking nightmare.

I installed the demo of the Monotype app 3 weeks ago and it seemed to work okay. It migrated everything over from Fontexplorer and I used it for a week. Then the free trial expired and I couldn’t even log back into the Monotype app to pay them for a subscription. Which was okay because I still had Fontexplorer and I could still access the Monotype font subscription using their Skyfonts app and MyFonts. com.

Then Skyfonts went down over this weekend. Can’t login to that now either, so I don’t have access to any Monotype fonts such as Helvetica and Futura. I went back to the Monotype app, managed to login, then purchased a 1 year individual subscription. They accepted my payment this time, then immediately sent a message that said they were experiencing difficulties and I wouldn’t be able to login to use the subscription until they have it resolved.

So, all my work is on hold until Monotype support responds, which is very stressful because I have deadlines that I am going to start missing starting tomorrow.

From what I can tell reading other forums, Skyfonts has been buggy on Macs since 2017, and it looks like they gave up on trying to fix it and came out with the Monotype app as a replacement for Skyfonts and Fontexplorer. It looks like it may be plagued as well.

I’m assuming the workaround is to drop $3000 to buy all the fonts I need from them, then give up on their subscription.

Not a fan of Monotype right now.

Whoooooah now. :fearful:

Monotype has a near-monopoly on font distribution. They’ve swallowed up nearly all of the larger foundries and sales sites.

I sell several fonts through several different Monotype properties. Monotype seems to be consolidating and updating many of its sprawling type-related acquisitions, and it’s a bit of a mess.

For example, the foundry back end for people selling fonts on MyFonts (owned by Monotype) has been a cobbled-together piece of junk for years — like a bad 1990s-era interface — but it worked. Over the past few weeks, Monotype has supposedly upgraded it to fit in with their other sales sites, but it barely works. Type designers everywhere are complaining about it.

Maybe when the company gets it all sorted out, things will be fine, but it’s chaotic at the moment. Apparently, this chaos is extending to their font management software too. If it were me, I’d hold off on making any investments in Monotype until they get their act together.

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