RIP Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser, designer of I :heart: NY logo, is dead at 91. He left a rich legacy behind. See some of his posters below.


RIP Milton :frowning:

He passed on his birthday.

Of course I am well acquainted with I :heart: NY. It’s on everything :smiley: Saratoga Festival is from 1980 Jazz Fest. So iconic!

He also created this animation for the final season of Mad Men.

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R.I.P Milton Glaser

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Throughout my entire career, Milton Glaser sat at the apex of the pyramid as being the biggest, best and most famous graphic designer in the world. Very sad.


Love that Dylan poster. I have one on the wall next to my turntable. It came as an insert in his Greatest Hits album. Whenever I’m in a used record store that’s one of the albums I always keep an eye out for, in case the poster is still inside.

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I saw this yesterday. A sad loss, one of the greats. Rest in Peace, Milton Glaser.

I bose NY!

What a great tribute to a legend in our industry. May he R.I.P.

Wow… R.I.P to the man :heart:

The passing of one of the greatest graphic designers in the world has slipped away undetected to many. Thanks for all the inspiration sir!

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